Which Sense Would I Want to Lose

Our senses are what makes our lives full of experiences. To ask a person which sense they would give up is asking someone to surrender their life in my opinion. Our senses make us enjoy our lives. We see the little things, hear, smell, touch and taste. Every sense is interlocked with one another to make us function properly.

The sense I would want to give up would be smell. I say smell because you can smell things through taste. When you eat BBQ chicken you can smell it on your tongue. I can’t lose the sense of seeing because there is so much I want to see. I need to see where I am, what surrounds me and without vision life is unknown darkness. I can’t let go of the sense of hearing. Music makes the mind imagine many things. Just think about not knowing the voices of your loved ones. Imagine touching an object and getting no feeling. That would be horrible.

The sense of smell is overrated. I would give it up because I don’t like bad smells. Personally I would be able to live without it. I would lose smell because I don’t want to give up the other senses. They are more important when you break them down separately. Although all the senses together work perfectly. People lose their sense of smell everyday and it doesn’t affect them. When a person is sick they hate that they can’t taste their food but they never say that they hate not being able to smell.

My smell to me is valuable but at the end of the day smell would have to go. Taste is like smell but better. Yes you cannot taste the smell of morning dew on a beautiful morning but attest you can see it, feel it, hear it.


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Diners Drive-Ins & Dives

Recently I watched a cooking show that goes to diners, drive-ins and dives to see what makes the food so great. The host is Guy Fieri, One specific place he went to was a BBQ diner. This diner was operated by two friends. The first friend started bbqing in his backyard for his family but his friend suggested he should open up a place and so he did. When I watched the show I realized food is not an object we eat, food is something you have to take your time with you have to pay close attention to or you wont get the same taste over and over again. You must be visual and patient just like the guys were. Sometimes it would take twelve hours for them to bbq a rack off ribs. I realized that food has meaning behind it, it makes you feel closer to the person who is making it. As I saw Guy trying the food the cook would watch as he would take every single bite, hed watch how his mouth would move, listen to the noises he would make. You begin to ask yourself does society destroy the meaning of real food with fast food.

Food isn’t just slop on a plate its a process that leads up to a magnificent piece of art. It smells good, tastes good, looks good. So much meaning is in food: culture, background and history. The homemade sauce the diner used was described as being one of a kind. You can only put so much of yourself into food. They updated us at the end of the show that the diner burned down but a new one was opened and that one that burnt down was being rebuilt. You see food isn’t just for the stomach its for thought as well. There is that saying, you can lead a hungry army into war. Guy’s show is amazing he takes the time to let us meet the people and what is behind the end result. Food has changed for me; it is no longer something I have to eat off my plate to fill my stomach but something I have to analyze and realize it is not so easy to make this look like it does.

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My poem

‘Feel feel at flesh inside’.

 I feel my tongue as it moves around, and I can feel the vibrations in my mouth as I talk or hum or even when I cough.

They believe that bodily experiences can give messages or signs of good or evil and that if one is careful to evaluate their bodily experiences they should be able to sense what is going to take place whether it is a negative or a positive.

Is it possible that when we feel a shock in our body that it can trigger other senses and emotions without us being conscious of it happening?

Flowers of spring to symbolize the heavenly sweetness

Don’t simply dismiss an experience

I never realized my words had a way of influencing my perception

If we walked in a certain fashion we would be seen in a negative light by our community

Why do people ignore the feelings they get sometimes

Vision and seeing an object can only give us so much information


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Working Your Senses – My Reflection

The object that I was assigned to have my sensory experience on was a dog toy. When I looked at the dog toy it looked smooth in some areas while in other areas it was rough; for example: in the grooves it had which gave it a certain texture. On the dog toy there was this colourful band which was warm and soft; more for a grip and for the person to hold onto because the toy itself is a cold object. As I shook the toy I realized it had beads inside of it. The sound itself is a sound that arouses a dog. The harder you shook the toy the louder the sound got. It made me imagine a dog running at you with its tail wagging from the happiness it is feeling from playing with you the owner and the toy. The toy itself is hollow and can be bitten. You can imagine a dog biting into it and all of its slobber on it as it hands you the toy for you to throw again. The object itself has no distinct smell and it captures the smell of the dogs mouth as it plays with it. The object itself has no appealing look to it: a person would walk by it without giving two thoughts. There are holes in the toy from a dog playing with it. You can picture a dog puncturing the toy with its teeth. How sharp the dogs teeth are and how happy it’s making him. As you close your eyes and hold the toy and picture throwing it you can smell the grass in a park and hear laughter. You can feel the companionship between the pet and the owner. The object itself won’t break because it is made sturdily for rough play and being tossed around. You imagine the object flying through the air and landing in green grass all of a sudden your dog returns it in seconds. The object itself opens your senses up and makes you feel different things. You can use all of your senses and realize what the object is and how it used. You can picture many things using your senses and they can bring you closer to the object and realize that the object itself is complex and not just a toy but a story of events and happenings.

Taking my partner through the sensory experience that I had through words was difficult because my partner could not see the object. I realized not all people use their senses the same way as others do. The main challenge was trying to make my partner picture the object and what its use is. When my partner saw my object as we later used our objects to describe the experience he began to realize more and more of what I saw but then he started inputting his information and would get confused. I guess what I realized is that our senses are each unique to one another; everyone is different and so are our minds and thoughts. The main thing I took away from the fishbowl was that I should look at things more uniquely and in depth because when we can use our senses to their full potential we can explore many objects and things on different levels rather then just look at them with no emotions and feelings.

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Response: 27 Ways

The senses play an important part in a person’s life.  The senses enable us to communicate and engage with one another on so many different levels. We express how we feel and act accordingly to what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. After reading Desjarlais’s writing I realized there are 27 ways of looking at vision on a bigger scale. Vision itself enables us to see what is happening but vision can be a language on its own. An example from the reading is when the elderly woman is telling a story about her marriage and is holding the hat and looks down upon it, she is taking her eyes off the people because of the pain and doesn’t look at them until a couple of seconds later because she is hurting and does not want people to see the pain in her eyes. An example from a normal day in an ordinary child’s life is: the teacher confronts the child about what they did to hurt another student, the child looks away as they lie, they do not want the teacher to notice that they are lying but by their actions they are revealing themselves. People unintentionally interact with one another with the sense of sight. What interested me a lot was how vision was changed into a different perspective; from the example how your eyes are like a flashlight with new batteries when you are young but the batteries get weaker as you age and you don’t see that much later on. I didn’t understand in the reading what was meant by feeling pain or jealously when seeing something occur with someone you love but it is true pain comes into you because they are hurting from what you see. With the sense of sight many emotions can be attributed to it: love, anger, sadness etc. A person’s reaction is an answer to something they see but to another person it might be an insult. I really enjoyed the ending of the Desjarlais’s writing because it showed that what people believe they see affects them later on in life. It makes me wonder if a person sees someone doing their job inappropriately if they will judge everyone else like that in the future.  I wonder to myself if the perception of today’s world isn’t bright and good; will it end up bad then it already is and what will happen to us?

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